PRco platinum Listed Coverages

Component Coverage Details
1. Engine
All internal parts; manifolds; timing gears, tensioner and guides, chain or belt; flex plate; oil pump; water pump; fuel delivery pump; throttle body; throttle cable/linkage; fuel lines and fuel regulators; camshaft and crankshaft position sensors; knock sensors; manifold pressure sensors; EGR valve; temperature sensors; thermostat; electric cooling fan motors; fan clutch and pulleys; belt tensioner; coolant recovery tank; radiator and mounts; engine mounts; harmonic balancer; turbocharger/supercharger housings and internal parts; wastegate; bypass valve; actuators and sensors.
2. Transmission   (All internal parts; torque converter; transmission pan; transmission mounts; vacuum modulator; shifter and shift linkage; electronic shift control module; sensors, solenoids and switches; auxiliary cooler, hydraulic clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder.
3. Transfer case All internal parts; transfer case mounts; shifter and shift linkage; electronic shift control module; sensors, solenoids, and switches; all wheel drive engagement module and actuator.
4. Drive Axle  All internal parts; axle shafts; constant velocity joints, universal joints; propeller shafts; axle bearings; hubs and hub bearings.
5. Steering  Gear housing, rack and pinion, internal steering rack seals, and all internal components; power steering pump and pump seal; steering column shafts, joints and couplings.
6. Suspension (Front and Rear): Upper and lower control arms; control arm shafts and bushings; control arm linkage; ball joints; torsion bars and bushings; steering knuckles / spindles; stabilizer shaft linkage and bushings; wheel bearings; MacPherson strut upper mount/bearing plate.
7. Brakes Master cylinder and seals; wheel cylinders and seals; disc brake calipers; power brake booster; hydraulic brake lines, fittings and valves; parking brake linkage and cables; anti-lock brake system: electronic control unit, wheel / speed sensor(s), valve(s), hydraulic unit, accumulator, modulator, and actuator(s); linkage and hardware (backing plates, caliper mounting pins, etc.).
8. Electrical Alternator; starter motor; starter solenoid; starter drive; alternator voltage regulator; power window motor; power seat motor; wiper motors; backup light, brake light, and interior light switches; distributor; manually operated switches; coil; horns; horn relay; electronic ignition module; rear window defroster (except for physical damage); rear window heating relay; power door lock and actuator; convertible top motor; power antenna motor and mast drive cable; electronic fuel injection sensors, control unit and injectors; electronic transmission control module; gauges; stereo or audio equipment; cruise control components; sunroof motor; mirror motors; wiper washer pump and motor; combination entry system transmitters and receivers.
9. Air conditioning  Compressor; clutch and pulley; condenser; evaporator; receiverdrier; refrigerant valves; expansion valve and pressure cycling switch; accumulator; idler pulley and bearings; orifice tube; temperature control panel and module; vent mode door actuator and motor; blower motor and resistor; heater control valve and heater core.
10. Chassis hardware Hood/door/hatch/trunk latches, cables, hinges, supports and springs; glove box/console lock and latch; ignition lock and tumbler; window regulators; seat belts; trunk and fuel door release cables or controls; T-Top latches; manual sunroof latch; mechanical seat tracks and springs.
11. Seals and gasket coverage Seals and gaskets coverage is provided all parts listed in the above named component groups.
12. Towing In the event of a breakdown covered by this contract, all Total Vehicle Protection Plans provide for reimbursement of receipted towing expenses up to seventy-five dollars ($75) per occurrence.
13. Car Rental If your vehicle incurs a covered breakdown, you may also be eligible to receive reimbursement for a portion of your car rental costs. The amount depends upon the total authorized cost of covered repairs for each repair visit. Max $250.00
14.Trip Interruption In case of a mechanical breakdown that occurs more than one hundred (100) miles from home and results in a repair facility keeping your vehicle overnight, you can rest easier knowing the contract will reimburse for receipted hotel and restaurant expenses. You could be reimbursed up to one hundred dollars ($100) per day for a maximum of three (3) days and a total benefit per occurrence of three hundred dollars ($300).
15.Roadside assistance Our plan provide reimbursement for Roadside Assistance, subject to a fifty dollars ($50) per occurrence limitation. The emergency services for which this would apply are: • Lock-Out Assistance • Fuel Delivery Services • Flat Tire Assistance • Battery Service.
16. Tire Road hazard The Tire Road Hazard benefit provides coverage for the repair, or if necessary, the replacement of any of your vehicle’s tires which have become damaged or unsafe for use due to a road hazard loss for the entire term of this contract. Tire coverage covers up to two hundred dollars ($200) per occurrence or eight hundred dollars ($800) during the term of the contract.
  No Deductible applies to the additional benefits.

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